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Participates in the 2020 K-beauty Ho Chi Minh exhibition, beyond COVID-19


Biostandard Inc’s dermal filler brands “Meline”, “AdMedic” and “Diamond” showed off at '2020 K-BEAUTY EXPO VIETNAM' held at SECC, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam for 3 days from February 27 to 29. Purchasing consultations were held with buyers from various countries India, Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia, including local buyers from Vietnam. As a result, the Southeast Asian market is expected to further boost.


Meline, AdMedic and Diamond dermal fillers entered Vietnam in 2017 and secured a position as a mid-sized brand in the local market, and have gained a lot of attention from beauty salons and Aesthetic clinics. Although the exhibition was expected to be difficult due to the coronavirus’ break out,

it participated in the exhibition with a local distributor in Vietnam to conduct effective promotional activities such as live broadcasting using local SNS influencer. This was a great opportunity to further increase the level of collaboration between the two companies and lay the foundation for increasing sales in Vietnam.


Meline, AdMedic and Diamond Dermal Fillers currently are exported more than 50,000 units a month to China, Russia and CIS, Vietnam, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States, and expand their markets through participation in overseas exhibitions around the world.

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