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Biostandard Inc. participated in K-BEAUTY EXPO TAIWAN 2019 held at Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) in Taipei, Taiwan from 23rd ~ 27th August to promote We announced the excellence of its Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler brands, MeLine and AdMedic.

The exhibition is a beauty show held in the center of Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan whose people are the third most visited Korea in 2018.

Many beauty related industries such as medical devices, skin care and makeup products, beauty products, and cosmetics participated in and various marketing was carried out for the local market. In the show, Biostandard played a role as a public relations ambassador for K-Beauty by showing the superiority of its HA dermal filler in Taiwan, which has little recognition of Korean dermal filler.


During the show, many Business meetings were matched not only with KOTRA-sponsored buyers but also with local and international buyers who voluntarily visited its stand. In particular, they showed considerable interest in our technology with low endotoxin and high efficiency cross-linking rate.

Bio-Standard, Inc. is a bio-venture equipped with superior technology, quality control system and GMP approved manufacturing facility. It researches, develops and manufactures dermal fillers, cosmetics and health supplement. Meline and AdMedic were developed to correct wrinkles and face contouring and volumzing in adult face. Currently, more than 50,000 pieces are exported to China, Russia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, the United States and Thailand, etc.

Each of brands consists of three types: Classic Lidocaine (for shallow wrinkles), Deep Lidocaine (for deep wrinkles such as nasolabial folds), Volume Lidocaine (for facial contours such as nose, chin, cheeks, and lips, and volume up). They are easy to perform with stable injection pressure and boasts the best stability without any side effects reported.

It is expected to expand the market to the Taiwanese neighboring countries and the Greater China market, as well as to expand into the Taiwanese market.

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