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Meline and Admedic dermal filler introduced in 2019 K-BEAUTY EXPO BANGKOK at BITEK, Thailand.


Bio Standard Inc. participated in the Bangkok Beauty Show 2019 at BITEK in Bangkok, Thailand, from July 11-13, and promoted its own brands, Meline and AdMedic hyaluronic cross-linked dermal filler also had business meeting to enter the Thai Market.


Cosmetic surgery and procedure are very popular in Thailand so many doctors and medical device suppliers showed a lot of interest in Meline and Admedic Dermal Fillers. In particular, they showed a lot of interest in Biostandard's technology, which has lower endotoxin and high efficiency crosslinking rate than competitors.

Bio Standard Inc. sets and manages the highest quality standards with the motto of manufacturing "the safest HA dermal filler in the world" and exports Mi-line and AdMedic brands to more than 15 countries.


Meline and Admedic HA Dermal Fillers are managed to the quality standards that are most similar to the osmotic pressure and pH concentration of the human body, so there is almost no rejection from the human body. In addition, after crosslinking process to last hyaluronic acid in the human body for a long time, residual cross-linking agent (BDDE) removal process is carried out more than twice as compared to other companies. Thus, the endotoxin levels of unsterilized Meline and Admedic Dermal fillers are lower than those of other companies that have already completed sterilization. These show that Meline and AdMedic are one of the safest HA Dermal fillers.

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